Great Hunting This Season!!! [ 9.Jan.2006]

We have had many happy hunters so far this season. The hunters are all getting their limit daily.
Many hunters have taken ducks to mount and there are banded ducks as well. We have comments
from some of the hunters please take a moment to read them.

"This was by far the best duck shoot I have ever been on. The Bird boys and the Huntmaster were
professional and helpful, and ensured that we were able to shoot near the limit every day with
different presentation each time"

-Tom Stine Peters (hunted early December)

"I have returned from Mexico and I just wanted to say the trip was great. I had a wonderful time
with Fernando and he connected me with a very nice group from MD. The outfit is run very well,
the equipment is great and I am trying to check my calendar for a return visit late February or very
early March. It really was everything I thought it would be (which in this day and age is a rare thing).
-Mark Zizzimia (hunted early January)

"The accomodations at the Holiday Inn Sun Spree were amazing and the signature duck hunting was
second to none. Fernando and his guides are without a doubt as knowledgeable and helpful as they
could possibly be. The trip was a total success and we look forward to our return. Thank you and please
don't change a thing."
-Jamie Wayland (hunted mid-late January)

"I just returned from hunting with the Mazatlan Wing Shooting Club in Mid January 2006. Growing up
by the Cheyenne Bottoms Refuge in Central Kansas I hunted ducks every chance I got, I know good
duck hunting and I now know Mexico is a very good place to hunt ducks, nice weather, generous bag
limits, great food, lodging and friendly people eager to serve you. I highly recommend a hunting trip
with Fernando, a first class operation, if you fish they can arrange a great fishing trip also!"
-Mark Rehme-Oklahoma

"The hotel was first class accomodations, service excellent, food superior... Hunting was another
story... perfect, outstanding, second to none. Fernando and his boys were always there to provide the
best service and hunting advise. The 3 duck hunts were beyond belief, the landscape surrounding the
hunts was exceptional. We will be back with more friends."
-Jim Dove (hunted mid-late January)

"My hunting experience went way beyond my expectations...Ducks were plentyful and there were
some nice specimen trophy's. Everyone shot their limit in just a couple or few hours. Guns were top
of the line-I used both the Benelli M2 and Super Black Eagle 2-very satisfied. Guides/Bird Boys
accommodated all my needs, even cleaned our muddy boots before we packed for the trip home.
We certainly appreciated the top notch service." "One area for improvement...identification of
ducks saved to take home for mounting was a challenge. There were a lot of ducks, some from
different hunt parties all in the same color plastic bags all in the same freezer. Having a magic marker
in the field so each hunter can put their name on the bag of ducks they want to take home would
help-I'll be sure to pack a marker in my hunting bag."

-Jim Williams (hunted late January)

"Please allow me and the group of people I carried to express our thanks for a job well done. We
go back a long way, as you know, and the bumps in the road were non-existent this past February.
You and Steve are to be congratulated for making the hunting , accommodations and service above
and beyond anything we have had in the past there. The new Benellis, the great rooms at the Holiday
Inn, the new vehicles all contribute to a good time. Even if the shooting had not been as good as it
was, a good time would of been had by all. I think your rotation of hunting locations is well thought
out and we never saw the same place twice. This will ony continue to make the shooting consistent
for everyone. Not one pair of shooters had any complaints. We look forward to seeing you next season
. "
-Patrick Pit (hunted early February)

"My group wants to thank you for a wonderful duck and dove hunting trip. The duck hunting was
as good as we have seen in Mazatlan in fifteen years. It is great to shoot all your shells in the morning,
and to see a big pile of ducks to show for it. Your new dove hunting fields are also super, and a great
way to finish the day. We also like the new accommodations in the renovated Holiday Inn-the service
and food in the hotel were great. Keep up the good work
-Greg Neppl (hunted mid-February)