Mazatlan is easily accessible by most major airlines.
It is found on the west coast of Mexico in the
Mexican state of Sinaloa. A tropical area with
beautiful beaches, shopping, and exciting nightlife.
For your convenience all taxi services know
the location of the Holiday Inn Sun Spree Resort,
there is only one in Mazatlan, you will only need to tell
them your destination and you will be on your way.

Note: All U.S. citizens entering Mexico by air will be required to provide a valid passport. Please check
with your airline when booking your tickets for more

Mazatlan spreads for 15 miles along a piece of land
that extends southward into the Pacific just below the
Tropic of Cancer. Its coast sprinkled with beckoning
islands and miles of golden beaches and blue lagoons,
it aptly deserves its title as "Pearl of the Pacific."

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